Reetika Agarwal

Oil Painting



 I was born in India and lived there for more than two decade, and than moved to Portland, Oregon few years back. I got my management degree in finance. I was always involved with my school and  job that caused me to give up doing any form of artwork for years.

People say that artists have a gift, and I really thank God for this special gift. Recently I re-kindled my interest in art, and, inspired by my husband, I decided to start it all over again and become part of the world inside the frame. I express my thoughts through my paintings.  Now painting is something I must do, and it has become a major part of my life.
I love to paint landscapes, music instruments, and abstract art. I love doing abstracts; the way the colors flow and never really knowing what is going to end up with, is really exciting. It challenges me to capture the joy and magic of the creative images which my mind longs, and express on the canvas.

The strong sense of color is evident in all of my artwork. My medium of choice is oil color. I am tempted to work in other medium but always head back to my favorite choice. I hope that the art I  create brings to others the same joy I experience in painting the picture.